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Henna & Jagua

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henna artist santa barbara
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Henna and/or jagua is the perfect addition to any pre-teen, teen or adult party! Adorn yourself and your guests with unique temporary tattoos drawn by hand! While it is recommended for ages 10 and up (they are less likely to smear it while it's drying), henna and jagua are safe for all ages. Book Zoë E. Designs for your event today!

 What is henna?

Henna is an all natural paste made from the ground-up powder of the henna tree, sugar, and essential oils, and leaves a beautiful reddish brown stain on the skin.

What is jagua?

Jagua is a juice that's extracted from the Amazonian fruit Genipa Americana, and is prepared into a gel to apply as body art. It stains the skin a blue black color and looks similar to a real tattoo. Like henna, jagua gel is all natural and safe for skin.

How long do they last?

Both henna and jagua can last anywhere from 1-3 weeks, depending on the quality and freshness of the product, the skin type, and how well you take care of it. More care instructions and safety information are below.

Click on Aftercare photos to dowload PDF.


A message from Fresh Jagua, the company I buy my jagua from: "Fresh Jagua Tattoo Gel is a special blend of ink and tattoo gel made from fresh, natural, and food grade ingredients. The product is of superior quality and it is the result of in-depth research and testing which has now resulted into an undiluted formula for temporary tattoos. The ingredients used to make 8 Ounce Bottle of Fresh Jagua Tattoo Gel include Genipa Americana from the Amazon forest, Organic Lavender oil, European made citric acid, Potassium Sorbate and Non GMO Xanthan gum amongst others. Unlike other tattoo gels which have been synthetically manufactured, this is a 100% natural product and does not have any forms of P.P.D or any other toxins.

Fresh Jagua Tattoo Gel is thus safe and won’t cause any serious allergic reactions to the users. But there are certain people who might have mild reactions when they use natural products such as strawberries or blueberries. For such people, using Fresh Jagua Tattoo Gel may not be a good idea and you are advised to try it in small proportions to see if it will react with your skin. The same also applies to persons with sensitive skins or skin with eczema."

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